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On the pages of this site you can find out more about my work as a landscape photographer, including a short biography, a growing collection of articles and, perhaps most importantly, a regularly updated selection of images from my portfolio.

I have been developing my craft for over 10 years specialising in landscapes, especially where the land interacts with water, and I am constantly striving to capture the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us.

My travels have taken me across the UK from the west coast of Scotland to the island of Jersey with numerous detours through the iconic landscapes of Northern England including Cumbria, Yorkshire and Northumberland.

Please take a moment or two to browse through the site, I hope you find something you enjoy.

Winter sunset, Trough of Bowland, Lancashire
Article of the week

It's a little known fact (well I didn't know before I went there) that Ardnamurchan Point (pronounced 'ardnamercan'), on the west coast of Scotland, is the most westerly point of the mainland United Kingdom. That's got to be worth a few points in a pub quiz. But this little visited edge of civilisation is not the only reason to be in that part of the world. To get to the lighthouse that stands on the point you will have travelled though scenery of rare beauty and variety.

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